WoRC (Workplace Readiness and Communication) 

Our WoRC course will help you to:  

  • Strengthen your resume, cover letter, and other written correspondence.
  • Hone  your teamwork skills
  • Strengthen your leadership skills
  • Understand your personality and learning style
  • Manage your time
  • Employ stress-reduction techniques
  • Appreciate the arts in your world
  • Discover your purpose and create a positive culture
  • Practice critical thinking skills
  • Learn about ethics and professionalism
  • Realize your potential
  • Practice interviewing skills
  • Acquire improved interpersonal communication skills
  • And more…

WoRC and Beyond

In the Fall 2020 course rotation, CCSAE will begin offering a life coaching course, WoRC and Beyond. This course will provide continued individualized guidance (Individual Transition Program) through the the job search, application, and relocation processes and will build on the concepts practiced in our WoRC course. It is recommended that Beyond students complete the WoRC course before enrolling in Beyond.

GED Classes

We offer GED classes with small class sizes in all test subjects. Currently math is being offered and Social Studies/Reading Comprehension as needed.  All students who apply for GED work must complete a CCSAE application and attend an interview.


We currently have students receiving tutoring in English as a Second Language. Other subjects may be available upon request.

Child Care

We are still working on child care arrangements at our new location.